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5 Home Decorating Tips Which Will Immediately Refresh Your Home

Posted on 8 November 2021
5 Home Decorating Tips Which Will Immediately Refresh Your Home

Bringing new life into your home can be easy when you know how to. Read below to discover five simple steps that you can take to get started with home decorating and your custom blinds journey.


Pick a theme and stick with it

Theming your house is easy once you know how to.

But it’s super important to create the feeling that you want. Some of the popular Australian home decorating themes of 2021 include:

  • Hamptons 

  • Mid-century modern

  • Minimalist

  • Industrial

Some of the best ways to match a theme are to:


Get smart

No, not the TV show. Your home.

Australian homes are catching up with the rest of the globe in making their homes more technology-focused and the way they’re doing that is with Smart home improvements.

Some of the popular smart home technologies of 2021 include:

  • A smart hub

  • Security systems

  • Televisions

  • Lighting

A rising trend in smart homes is motorised blinds. Motorised blinds are surprisingly cheap and can save money by reducing energy usage in homes and improving insulation. Learn more about it here.


Bring outdoors inside

There’s nothing better than being surrounded by nature. The beautiful breezes, the green leaves, and the rolling hills. Why not bring it into your home?

While we aren’t all lucky enough to have a home in the countryside, surrounded by hills and wildlife, we can all incorporate the same feeling

Some of the best ways to bring the outdoors inside include:

  • Indoor plants

  • Use natural materials for furnishing and framings

  • Using natural flooring (like timbers and stone)

  • Letting natural light in

And if you are lucky enough to have an awesome view,hereare some awesome ways to frame it.


Create a statement wall

Statement walls are an awesome way to add character to your home without taking up any floor space.

More than painting different colours or hanging a painting, many homeowners are taking up non-traditional methods of decorating walls.

Some of these include:

  • Photo walls (frames or polaroids)

  • Wallpaper pictures like world maps or landscapes

  • Floating shelves for books/decorations/plants and greenery


If you don’t have a convenient plain wall and you still want to create a feature, try a bright curtain or modern blind choice like roman blinds with a pattern.

You can completely customise your blinds at Custom Blinds and Shutter World with help from our partners in fabrics. Read more about our partners hereand customising your blindshere.


Bring in the light

Australia is lucky enough to have gorgeous weather year-round - why not take advantage of that?

Incorporating natural light into your home is easy by:

  • Building life around windows (breakfast nooks, reading corners)

  • Using light furniture

  • Using blinds that won’t block too much light during the day

You can learn more about blinds for maximising light here.

And more than that, bringing in natural light can help you save costs on energy bills too! Read about ithere.


More inspiration:

For more home design ideas and inspirations, pick your next article here. Or browse through some custom blind and curtain designs here.

If you want to book a free consultation for customised blinds or curtains, fit to any shaped window, give us a call on (07) 5537 6333. Or reach out online here.
Or if you’re on the Gold Coast, visit our showroom in Arundel which you can find here.


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