Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds continue to be a favourite for homeowners. They provide convenience, simplicity and a touch of modern sophistication. The compact design allows them to be used in a variety of applications where other blind products may not be suitable.

Our Roller Blinds are manufactured in our warehouse in Arundel and come with the option of motorisation, or cordless solutions. 

Double View Roller Blinds

Double View Roller Blinds provide great versatility and twice the control of your light and views. Combining two Roller Blinds on one bracket, one Sheer for daytime views and privacy and one blockout for room darkening and nighttime privacy.

These blinds are manufactured in our warehouse in Arundel and come with option of motorisation, or cordless solutions.

Perfect Sheers

Perfect Sheers provides homeowners the ultimate in privacy and light control by incorporating two layers of sheer drapery connected by a soft light filtering or room darkening fabric vane. This creates a luxurious soft window covering with the combined versatility of a venetian blind and roller shade. Offering the best of both worlds all in one shade.

Care & Clean

Roller Blinds are made from dust-resistant materials which repel dirt and dust.

Periodic cleaning is recommended to help keep the blinds looking like new.

Routine maintenance


Regular light dusting with a feather duster is all the cleaning needed in most circumstances.


Use a hand-held vacuum with low suction for more thorough dust removal.

Spot cleaning

  • Prepare a solution of warm water and mild detergent.
  • Dampen a clean cloth in the solution and wring it out.
  • Dab the spot with the dampened cloth until it is removed (do not rub the fabric).
  • Allow the blind to dry in the completely lowered position.

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