Aluminium Bermuda 2000 Shutters

Aluminium Bermuda 2000 Series have been designed with a fully adjustable louvre that offers a contemporary, modern, functional and aesthetically appealing shutter for both interior and exterior use.

The benefits of Aluminium Shutters include:

  • Noise protection
  • UV protection for furniture
  • Slide, Bi-fold, hinge, or fixed
  • Off the wall mounting systems
  • Locking options available
  • Manufacturer-backed Warranty
  • Australian Made
  • 60, 90, and 115mm blade options
  • Fully adjustable louvre
  • Aesthetically appealing
Exterior Blinds

Care & Clean

To ensure your Exterior Shutters are always working their best it is important to give them a clean at least twice a year. A gentle clean with a mild detergent, clean water, and a soft cloth or chamois will remove any built-up pollutants and abrasive grime particles between the slats and on the guides.

Spray the closed Shutter with a mild detergent and then using a soft brush or cloth wipe shutters in a UP and DOWN motion so as not to misalign the individual slats which could cause operating issues.

Rinse the Shutters with clean water and dry with a soft cloth or chamois using the same motion as mentioned above.

To clean between the guides raise the curtain until fully open. Using a soft-bristled brush gently sweep any dirt or particles from the inside guide being careful not to dislodge the wool pile. The inside of the guides can also be cleaned with gentle running water from a hose. Allow the guides to completely dry before closing the curtain. 

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