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3 Easy Steps to Care For and Clean Roller Blinds

Posted on 6 October 2021
3 Easy Steps to Care For and Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds aren’t Aussie favourites just because they look great. They’re super easy to care for too, here are three easy steps you can take today.


About your roller blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most popular blind or curtain additions to Aussie windows and that’s because they’re a great all-rounder. Roller blinds are great for:

  • Privacy

  • Blocking out sun

  • Temperature control

  • Modern appearances and wide ranges of colour

Another reason roller blinds are popular is that they’re so easy to care for and clean. In fact, a lot of our customers choose to purchase roller blinds over alternatives like Venetian blinds because they find them easier to care for. Click here to learn more about our range of roller blinds.


1) Removing Spills and Stains From Roller Blinds

Like any spill or stain, the best time to clean it is immediately after it happens. Doing so will mean less chance of any permanent marks. 

To clean a spill or stain on your roller blind:

  1. Remove excess residue using a clean towel or paper towel

  2. Using a solution of dish soap and warm water, dab the spill spot until it looks clean

  3. Leave the blind down to dry fully before rolling it up

To remove a tough existing stain from your blinds, you can try stain remover products but you should be cautious of which chemicals you use. Always read the label carefully before applying to your roller blinds and try testing it on an inconspicuous spot before applying to the affected areas.


2) Maintaining roller blinds

The best way to care for and maintain your roller blinds is with regular cleaning. You can regularly clean your roller blinds in three easy steps:

a. Vacuuming

Using an upholstery attachment and a low power setting, run your vacuum along your roller blinds.

b. Washing:

Once all dust and other bits and pieces have been removed, you can clean your blinds more thoroughly. Using a cloth and warm soapy water, use a top to bottom motion and clean along your blinds. 

Make sure that the soap you use is suitable for the material of your blinds, a common choice is a soft dish soap or detergent.

c. Drying:

Once you have finished cleaning your blinds using your cloth, you should leave your blinds rolled down and make sure they’re entirely dry before rolling them up. This prevents mould and mildew from forming.


3) Regularly check your blinds for mould or mildew

As you regularly maintain your roller blinds, you should also check for mould or mildew.

While relatively uncommon in most rooms of your home, it can be common for blinds in high humidity areas to collect moisture which turns to mould or mildew. If your blinds are in your bathroom, laundry, or you've left your window open during rain - you should check regularly.

To clean mould from your roller blinds, you should either use a specific product or service like a dry cleaner. Some homeowners suggest using white vinegar and lemon juice to clean mould from blinds and while it’s worth a shot, it might be best left to the experts. 

Preventing mould on blinds

As mentioned above, mould and mildew on blinds are caused by moisture and high humidity environments. 

The best way to prevent mould from forming on your blinds is to leave them completely down to dry and air out when they get wet.

If your blinds are motorised...

If you’re concerned that you should use different cleaning methods for motorised roller blinds, you don’t need to worry. You can use the same cleaning methods mentioned above and expect awesome results.


For more information:

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If you’re interested in learning more about roller blinds, check out our product page here or talk to us today.

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