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Outdoor Blinds

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Outdoor Blinds allow you to maximise your outdoor space by increasing it's assessibility throughout the year.

They provide protection from the elements which prolongs the lifespan of outdoor furniture and fittings.

Outdoor Blinds are practical, aesthetically pleasing and designed with child safety in mind.

Care and cleaning

The fabric used on your awning is manufactured from the highest quality materials and will give many years of outstanding service if cared for appropriately.

Fabric Awnings

  • Do not allow dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter to remain on the fabric (as this provides a perfect medium for bacteria to proliferate).
  • Cleaning should be carried out by light sponging with warm water and a mild natural soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove soap.
  • Do not scrub the fabric.
  • Hosing the fabric occasionally on a hot day is also beneficial to the appearance of the fabric as it removes dust and grime and minimises the development of algae, mildew or other fungal growth.
  • Do not use soap powder, concentrated soaps or detergents, nor cleaning fluids.
  • Keep insecticides, solvents and fuels away from the awning.
  • Occasionally extend the awning fully down to even out the material, particularly if the awning is usually set in one position.
  • Awnings exposed to coastal environments and salt spray should be washed down regularly. 


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