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10 Tricks for Easy Entertainment

Posted on 12 December 2017
10 Tricks for Easy Entertainment


Throwing a party for friends and family should be a joy, not a chore. By utilising a style of entertaining that is informal, relaxed and expressive, not only will your guests enjoy themselves, but you will as well.

Establish the Basics

Organisation is key to make hosting a breeze. There are six questions to answer to get you started. What is the date? How many guests will be there? What is the location? What type of party will it be? What is your budget? Will there be music or entertainment?

The Guest List

It may be family, friends or even professionals you need to entertain. Be strict about the size that fits your space and try to find a good group of people who will mix well together.

Choosing the Date

Sending an invitation is not necessary for informal parties. A telephone call, SMS or Facebook event several weeks in advance is sufficent. For formal affairs, invitations can be sent out three to five weeks in advance. Be sure to include an RSVP, and do not hesitate to call people for responses or send out a friendly reminder. Not knowing how to calculate quantities for an event can be very stressful.

Determine the Location

Evaluate your space like a critic. Do not exceed the space and equipment you have. If guests will be standing, the average size room can usually accommodate 30 people. For any form of buffet, you must provide seating.  

What Type of Party Will You Throw?

Why are you throwing the party? A special occasion or for fun? The answers to these questions will help set the date and size. Add to that, your location, budget and equipment to determine the type. Cockatil parties are usually the most inexpensive and versatile. For a sit down meal, you must have dishes, glassware, seating and serving pieces. 

Set Your Budget

Consider liquor, food, music or entertainent to establish your inital budget. Think drinks first, as alcohol can be a major expense. You do not need to go overboard on the liquor (consider serving a signature drink), your guests can also bring their own (but be sure to let them know).

Music and Entertainment

Finding the appropriate playlist for a party can sometimes be stressful. Download Spotify days before your affair and search through their carefully thought playlists. There's a station for every occasion! 

Putting It All Together

Once you have the answers to these questions, the framework for your party is in place. Now use this information to figure out the finer details. The type of party will dictate what you need for equipment, the season can inspire the menu, and the budget will factor into the type of entertainment you choose. Outside of that, be creative and tailor a party you would want to attend.

Outdoor Decorating Details

With festive outdoor lighting, parties can last long after the sun has set. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and festive. One week before your party, plan the table decorations. A few days before the event, buy the menu ingredients and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. To make it even less hectic, consider preparing salads and desserts on the day before the party.

Enjoy the Party

Summer is a great time to relax with friends and family and indulge in delicious, home-style food. A great host doesn't have to do it all on his/her own, so why not enlist the help of a few family members or guests, by asking them to help with the BBQ, set up the buffet, or organise the drink station? Make introductions, mingle and enjoy the party!


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